Henshaw Electrical

6 August,2020

We had the opportunity to catch up with Andrew Henshaw from Henshaw Electrical & Maintenance to dig below the surface and find out more about the service he provides.

The first thing we noticed is that he really loves his work. “I really enjoy my day, spending time meeting new people, installing amazing light fittings and making sure customers are safe in their homes and workplaces,” said Andrew.

Not only does he love what he does, Andrew wants to use his business as more than just a way to get an income, he is passionate about making a visible difference in an industry that has traditionally played a somewhat passive role in environmental issues.

“It impossible to not create any waste in this line of work, but I am completely committed to owning my impact on the environment and responsibly dispose of the rubbish I create on jobs and make sure it gets recycled and reused as much as possible.”

Andrew has also partnered with Carbon Neutral, and plants three trees on each client’s behalf to help combat climate change and do his part in protecting and restoring rainforests and wildlife. ​“We all live in this world and it is our responsibility to care for it.”

What can you expect when you book Andrew for a job? A transparent pricing structure based on the point not the hour, highly skilled service, information and education on critical electrical issues on your property, and great customer service. In fact, he has received four awards for superior customer service from Word of Mouth.

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