The Saltiest Dog

6 August,2020

We caught up with Kate and her pet pooch, Lulu, from The Saltiest Dog. Kate makes a range of fresh, raw meals and treats for dogs in Melbourne.

“Everything I make a do it with love, in small batches for optimal nutritional benefit and with nothing unnecessary added,” said Kate.

There are plenty of benefits for both you and your pooch when you feed them meals from the Saltiest Dog: a shiny, lustrous coat (and hands that don’t smell after patting them), cleaner teeth (no smelly breath for you to wave away), smaller, firmer poos, a stronger immune system (less illness and costly vet visits), healthy skin (less itching and scratching), less room-clearing farts (now that’s a win for everyone), less boredom behaviours (enrichment from feeding bones), no obesity for a longer life, and a happy, healthy and content dog!

What we also loved when you buy a Rescue Dog Treat Box is that $5 from the sale of each box is donated to the animal rescue organisation it is named after. And if that wasn’t enough, each box is fully compostable.

Rediscover local and shop in Banyule today.

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